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November 15, 2020
"No problem yet"
A lot of complaints but I have none. So far everything I ordered has come quick and like wigs look like pic. Only complaint I would have is my fav wig now don't come in the lighter shades. And I can't find the first one I liked best. But other than that I haven't had to contact customer support or return nothing. Been ordering 2 years and spent about 1000 and I don't buy any wig over 70 bucks. So lots of orders!
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September 11, 2020
"so i bought two wigs from this company"
so i bought two wigs from this company, they just came today, the red lacefront that i bought is perfect, my mom couldnt tell i was wearing a wig until she realized my hair was long. the black and blonde one had a bad hairline and was too frizzy, it looked really fake and bad plus that one was missing a clip on the inside. i would say if your gonna buy a wig from this company stick to a solid colors and dont get the super curly ones as they just frizz up. i will probably buy again the price of the wigs is really good.
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May 11, 2018
"Super Amazing!"
WOW! I Really Enjoy Shopping On This Site! They Have The Best Prices In Beauty Products And Hair Products. They Have Save Me So Much Money. Because I was Spending Way More at My Local Beauty Supply Store. And SHIPPING is Amazingly FAST! I Just Wish They Had Full Sizes in some of there Beauty Products instead of the Travel Sizes. And I Don't Like There Return Policy(It SUCKS!). But There Half Wigs, Full Wigs, Braiding Hair etc... is SUPER Cheap Compare To What You Would Spend At Your Local Beauty Supply Store.
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Hello. if i order today, how many days should i wait to expect my package


How can i place an order


How long does it the shipping takes for ground shipping?


I recently ordered five packs of hair and didn't receive all my packs. i have called customer service and filed a claim - how long to get the rest?


How long is it gonna take to get my package

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